Diy Home Moving Checklists Plan And Make Your Move Stress Free

"Planning is a characteristic of intelligent behaviour, be intelligent" says Jonathan McCrillis.

Pre-Planning makes you more intelligent and ensures everything goes smoothly. Moving home is considered as one of the most stressful things you can do. Fortunately, there are lot more things to do to make your move more efficient and less stress. But unfortunately not everyone knows how to plan a house move effectively and thus, usually people run into many costly mistakes. To avoid the state of chaos at the last minute, it's best to start planning your move as soon as possible.

Here are certain points to make your move smoother

  • Get organized early! There is an old saying, "Haste makes things waste". Avoid leaving anything until last minute. Book your moving date and time as early as possible, preferably, 2-4 weeks in advance. Create a moving checklist and start planning things from now!
  • Redirect your mail to your new house! Ask for a change of address request from any post office. Start changing your address with your bank, superannuation, insurance companies and any other company that sends you mail on a regular basis.
  • For short distance moves, it's better to get help either from friends or consider renting a truck for the day. If you’ll be moving long distance, it's advisable to go ahead with moving companies. Perform proper background check to find the right movers in your nearby area who you can trust to make your move smooth and hassle free.
  • Two weeks prior to your move, gather all required packing supplies and moving boxes of different sizes. Also consider acquiring bubble wrappers to wrap fragile items, heavy duty packaging tapes, labeling stickers, marking pens and more!
  • Start packing things one week prior for you move. Pack the fragile and non-fragile items separately and Label a mark or note on boxes you need to unpack immediately. In case you choose to delay your unpacking, marking boxes will help you get to the items you need right away.

Although moving may be stressful, if you plan ahead and use these simple moving & packing tips, you will be able to enjoy your new residence much quicker.

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