Moving Career? Partner with Pete's Ultimate Movers Family

Career opportunities at Pete's Ultimate Movers® are endless. Positions range from selling, entry level, management, drivers and moving helpers. The focus of Pete’s Ultimate Movers is to offer an ultimate service at affordable rates. We follow the premium industry standards. Our management is hiring and searching for fresh talent. We ensure that we hire competent staff and for that our company is looking for people who would pack and handle all the projects with care. This line of work requires some degree of physical exertion and our main hiring criteria revolve around a candidate’s wellness or fitness. The moving industry is a hot career path for young people. We also provide residential and commercial moving service. The ideal incumbent would be an expert in providing a moving and relocation service. He would have some prior experience. The good thing about Pete’s ultimate movers is that we also offer training to the fresh candidates and help them make a viable career path. The moving opportunity is ideal for candidates who are fresh and do not have prior work experience. The successful candidates will receive training for packaging, handling and efficient space management. As a rough estimate, the desirable traits are having a feasible understanding of the calculation for the size of the vehicle to be used. He will have a good understanding of how to fit things in the truck, that without damaging them. • The mover will be responsible for moving the furniture from one location to the next. • He will assist the client in moving and place the things at their appropriate place. • They will help arrange the bigger items into the storage place or unit. • He will maintain an inventory of the items for long distance and make sure to load and unload the units. • The mover will also be responsible for cleaning up the location and ensuring the delivery of the items. The ideal candidate will spend more time riding and driving transportation vehicles. We handle pianos and they are heavier than 850lbs. The candidate will be proficient in utilizing the tools that are needed. It is paramount that they avoid any injuries and scratching the item. The candidate will be available during business hours, which is from 9am-5pm. Standard education is not compulsory for the mover. But, he must have solid communication skills, which include verbal and non-verbal. The prime requirement for this job is to be physically fit to perform the task. It is a possibility that the mover will start as a helper during the summer season. The experienced movers who have years of relevant experience may handle tasks that involve offices and installations. This can well be a specialized field for expert movers. The career path is an excellent opportunity for students and the people who are physically fit. The layers of our training sessions will equip you to handle advanced moving scenarios. So what are you waiting for Apply today and send us an email with your data? If you are suitable for the position, we will make sure that we get in touch and discuss the possibilities. However, we retain the right to reject an application on undisclosed reasons and this is the sole discretion of our company. Organization MISSION: To experience our four key fundamental beliefs of Building Leaders, Listen Fulfill, Always Branding and Delight; and Creating a Fun Enthusiastic Team Environment. To dependably give our image guarantee of a calm moving or provide knowledge, and dependably give our customers Pete's Ultimate Movers. WE HELP PEOPLE MOVE FORWARD® It’s not just words, we put it in action… professional growth is welcomed and encouraged! Team members really do get promoted and grow within our company. Moving Opportunity? Yeah, we got it. A lot of it. WHY WORK FOR PETE'S ULTIMATE MOVERS? Moving Career Growth is both abundant and encouraged. Great movers become trainers... trainers become dispatching/moving consultant... the possibility is endless. We build a system that boast great internal growth.